The aim of the Canadian Section is to promote the science of combustion and its applications, and in particular:

  • To organize technical meetings in this field in Canada
  • To assist members in attending such technical meetings as well as the international symposia of The Combustion Institute
  • To encourage the communication of knowledge by presentation at the technical meetings of the Section and at the international symposia; by publication in the open literature generally and in the organs of The Combustion Institute particularly; and by any other beneficial forms of exchange, private and public
  • To stimulate education in its various forms, such as professional development courses, university short courses, and university credit courses in combustion science and engineering
  • To draw attention to special problems or conditions existing or arising in Canada in relation to combustion science and its applications
  • To initiate or respond to cooperative action with government agencies, industry, universities and other interested associations, institutes, societies or groups in the development and application of combustion science in Canada and other countries