Postdoctoral Fellowship, Additively Manufactured Aero-Engine for Hydrogen Fuel

NRC is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to carry out research on an advanced cooling concept for next generation of gas turbines.  The aviation industry is committed to decarbonization by adopting hydrogen.  To take full advantage of the new fuel, we proposed a novel aero-engine architecture that is built upon the NRC team’s latest proprietary thermal management designs enabled by additive manufacturing.   The successful Postdoctoral Fellow will join the Gas Turbines Lab of NRC’s Aerospace Research Centre.  The PDF researcher will first investigate transpiration cooling involving cryogenic or compressed hydrogen in non-reactive component tests.  Successful designs will be subsequently incorporated into an aero-engine combustor to study the impacts of distributed near-wall hydrogen combustion on cooling performances and pollutant emissions.

See the full job poster and apply here.