On Campus

Update (Apr. 24): Those of you who are staying in the Residences will be staying in the Edaayaan-Tkanónsote residence, located at 156 Albert St. Check-in is at the front desk of the residence. For those who reserved breakfast tickets, breakfast is located at Leonard Hall (128 Queen’s Cres), and tickets will be provided at residence check-in. The dining hall opens at 7 am.

The on-campus rooms are an approximately 10 minute walk from the conference venue.

Breakfast can be reserved at the dining hall for the mornings of May 14, 15, and 16 at a cost of $14.50 per meal. Breakfast must be reserved in advance at the time of registration, and will be only available for early bird registrants.  It is a 10-15 minute walk across the beautiful Queen’s campus to the conference venue.

On-campus accommodations are now fully booked for CICS.


Other local hotels/accommodations are conveniently available. We will not be booking a block of hotel rooms aside from the on-campus option. Several options exist, however:

And some historic Bed and Breakfasts: