Dear CI/CS Community,

With great regret, the organizers of CI/CS 2020 have decided to cancel the meeting due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Bruno Savard (University of Ottawa)
Matei Radulescu (University of Ottawa)
Patrizio Vena (National Research Council)
Zekai Hong (National Research Council)
Brian Crosland (Natural Resources Canada)

CI/CS 2020 Abstract Submission

    Please note that the deadline for abstract submissions has now passed. You may still submit an abstract below, but it will only be considered for inclusion after all the on-time submissions have been reviewed.

    Author list in the format: FirstName1 LastName1; FirstName2, LastName2; etc;

    Paper abstract (maximum 10MB, PDF format only)

    After submitting you should receive an email confirmation. If you don't receive confirmation please contact Brian Crosland at